Objet a  ||  Unremembering


     Our family albums are laced with photographs of events, milestones, and memories, all collected to remember. We store them in sacred places and cherish them with increasing fervency the further we move into the future and away from their moments in time. What happens, however, when new discoveries are made, and instead of serving as happy memories, our once cherished photographs now serve as symbols of grief and pain?

     In this project, I have chosen to remake old photographs through rendering them as new visual adaptations of the original. Old images grow new wings as their auras transcend from past into present works of art and receive new attributes through the restructuring of their raw materials. My process consists of multiple steps of destroying the old photograph and rebuilding it into a new one using the damaged materials. As this happens, memory is metaphorically unraveled and woven back into something elegant and more beautiful than the pain it once incurred.

     Just as we as human beings share an unfortunate but familiar relationship with suffering, we also share agency in our abilities to deconstruct our painful experiences and to change the ways in which they impact our present realities. My collective memory, though familiar with grief, is undeniably responsible for the strong and confident woman I am today. This body of work authors a transformative story as new realizations of memory are achieved, ones filled with fresh possibilities and beautiful beginnings.